REALTOR® Safety Series: Holiday Season Safety Tips

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Provider: National Association of REALTORS®
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Product Overview

Product Overview

The holiday season is filled with parties, family visits, friends, shopping, decorations, gifts and an overall generous and jubilant spirit. But not everyone gets excited about the holidays for those reasons. Many thieves see the holidays as the jackpot. So, how do you protect yourself, your family and your home? This program will give you practical tips and techniques for you and your clients to stay safe during the busy holiday season.


  • Learn about current holiday crimes, cons and scams and today’s criminals.
  • Learn how to protect yourself online.
  • Discover how to keep your home safe during the holiday season.
  • Learn safety tips for fire prevention, decorations and your pets.
  • Learn the safest way to shop at malls and stores during the holidays including tips for parking safely.
  • Learn proper techniques for staying safe at work and on the road in a variety of situations.
  • Discover the safest way to use an ATM, including how to choose a safe location.
  • Learn how to host a safe holiday party and how to keep yourself safe when attending holiday parties.
  • Be better prepared to protect yourself and others in vulnerable situations.

About Andrew L. Wooten

President of Safety Awareness Firearms Education (S.A.F.E.), Andrew has been in the safety and security industry, and has provided safety programs since 1984. Andrew provides practical and helpful advice about security, crime, loss prevention, and avoiding liability. His main office is located near Jacksonville, Florida.