Moving with Pets

1.00 HOUR(S)
Provider: Center for Specialized REALTOR® Education (CSRE)
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Product Overview

Product Overview

With the millions of pets and animals in homes across the country, it is only natural that they have an impact on the buying and selling decisions of their owners. This online course will help you provide best-in-class service to this large subset of clients.

Course learning objectives are as follows:

  • Adapt core real estate skills for assisting home buyers and sellers with pets.
  • Help clients evaluate and select the type of property, location, neighborhood, and pet-related amenities that meet their home buying objectives.
  • Apply business-building strategies to the pet-owning market.
  • Learn value-add strategies and techniques to assist pet-owning clients during the home-buying and selling process.

System Requirements

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Product Expiration and Refund Policy

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