CRS: Professional Photos Through Bracketing

crs-professional-photos-through-bracketing crs-professional-photos-through-bracketing
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Product Overview

Product Overview

Have you ever tried photographing a room, either with your phone or a digital camera, and wondered why it looks so small and dark in comparison to the way your eyes see it? Ever marveled at how professionally taken photos of a listing seem to capture all the elements of a room-décor, paint color, crown molding, etc.-and show them to best effect?

The answer largely lies in bracketing-a simple, straightforward process, once you know the basics. This course aims to teach you those basics: what bracketing is, the advantages it brings, how to do it, and the factors to consider when shooting photos for bracketing. If you enjoy shooting your own listing photos, this course teaches you how to make those photos virtually indistinguishable from images taken by a professional. If you work with a professional photographer, this course helps you develop an understanding of some of the tools photographers have at their disposal so you can articulate your vision and expectations more efficiently.

Course learning objectives:

  • Recognize the benefits of bracketing and what it entails
  • Identify the tools, equipment, and software needed
  • Take photos at appropriate settings for bracketing
  • Use bracketing software to create professional quality photos
  • Crop photos to your MLS specifications

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