CIPS - Global Real Estate: Local Markets

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Global Real Estate: Local Markets CIPS course is one of the two core courses required for both U.S. and non-U.S. real estate professionals to earn the Certified International property Specialist (CIPS) designation. This course introduces real estate professionals to the basic skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate global real estate transactions.

Learning Objectives

  • Monitor trends and indicators of the global economy, flow of capital, and the impact on local real estate markets.
  • Synthesize market trend information into meaningful knowledge for business plans and decisions.
  • Identify local market opportunities and prospect for global business in your local market.
  • Take advantage of association resources.
  • Demonstrate professionalism by serving clients and customers in culturally appropriate ways.
  • Follow a standardized process for preparing for transactions and working with clients and customers.
  • Develop a network of contacts that can lead to referral business.
  • Derive maximum professional benefit from business and personal foreign travels.
  • Recognize available visa statuses for foreign real estate owners and investors, and guide foreign clients and customers to seek expert advice.
  • Set business planning goals in achievable increments.
  • Implement planning actions, measure progress, and adjust plans when needed.
  • Integrate your plan with your broker’s business goals.

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