CRS: Negotiations: Understanding People

crs-negotiations-understanding-people crs-negotiations-understanding-people
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Product Overview

Product Overview

To be successful in a negotiation, an agent must come in prepared: know the state of current market trends and status (nationwide and local), and get to know the people involved, be aware of how others communicate and think differently and how adapting your communications styles will best serve a collaborative environment. These steps then set up how you can start identifying, and how to separate, interests from positions. As a trusted advisor, expertise and knowledge will gain you the edge.

Course learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate how and why thorough preparation is required prior to a negotiation, and what key pieces of knowledge are needed to be a successful negotiator
  • Recognize the diverse ways people think, personality types, behaviors, and how these elements affect the negotiation process
  • Identify, and differentiate between, positions and interests in a negotiation

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