CRS: Client Negotiations: Unlocking Hearts vs. Locking Horns!

crs-client-negotiations-unlocking-hearts-vs-locking-horns crs-client-negotiations-unlocking-hearts-vs-locking-horns
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Provider: Residential Real Estate Council (CRS/RRC)
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Product Overview

Product Overview

In today’s customer-driven environment, successful REALTORS must position themselves as trusted advisers who provide outstanding service geared towards clients’ individual needs. Interest-based negotiation is a strategy that can help you develop more effective client relationships, beginning with your first client contact, continuing through the transaction process, and extending into post-transaction follow up. Through interest-based negotiation, you can solve client problems, earn client trust, and encourage repeat and referral business through increased customer satisfaction.

This course will teach you skills for identifying and addressing clients’ underlying interests. Through real world scenarios and exercises, you will learn how to uncover client interests during buyer and seller intake, adapt to clients’ evolving interests during the transaction process, and use interests to maintain connections with past clients. Sample scripts and job aids provide resources that you can immediately apply to your business to enhance your client negotiations. This course will take approximately 120 minutes to complete, and there is a final exam. Upon completion of the exam, you will earn 2 CRS designation credits.

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The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Building a trusting relationship by setting client expectations up front
  • Differentiate between positions and interests
  • How to discover client’s underlying interests
  • How to recognize new positions
  • How to reframe client’s position to interest
  • Using interests to negotiate with clients:
    • Seller techniques and script examples
    • Buyer techniques and script examples
    • Using interests to encourage repeat and referral business

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