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Seven Secrets to Staging In a Down Market
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In this market you have no real choice.  If you want your listings to sell you better get them Staged.  Learn the secrets to Staging from the Creator of Home Staging, Barb Schwarz.  In a hot market all listings sell, but today instead of 10 homes for sale in a neighborhood there are 100 homes for sale.  Before all 10 would sell and the Staged Homes would sell for even more, now in this market only 10 out of 100 are selling and it is the Staged houses that are selling.  The other 90 are used to compare to the 10 and given that the price is the same the Staged houses sell every time over the non Staged homes.  Learn the secrets to Staging and how to gain the edge in this market to make more money.

Learn what to say and how to say it to the seller to get them to invest the money in Staging this home in this market.  Learn Barb’s steps of Staging.  Learn Barb’s proven plan and you can take it to the bank.  This webinar promises to be one of the most productive webinars you will ever attend.  Sign up now to reserve your space.  You will be so glad that you did.

1.    Learn Barb’s Proven 10 step plan to Stage® any room anywhere
2.    Learn Barb’s Proven 7 top Staging Sayings to say to every seller to get them to Stage® their home
3.    Learn Barb’s Proven 10 Top Guidelines to Home Staging
4.    Learn When and Why to work with a Professional ASP Stager and if you really need to or not
5.    You will leave Barb’s Webinar feeling secure, strong and ready to swing into action WITH HER TECHNIQUES AND PLAN SO YOU CAN STAGE® every listing you have!

About The Creator of Home Staging® - Barb Schwarz

Barb Schwarz, President & CEO of, the Founder and President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, and The Creator of Home Staging and The Accredited Staging Professional, ASP Designation and Course. She has traveled the country extensively from 1985 to present day teaching over 18,000 hours on Home Staging to over 1,000,000 real estate agents and Home Stagers on her concepts of Staging.

Barb Schwarz is a Real Estate Broker and has personally Staged and Sold over 5,000 homes. She has been featured on Major Prime Time television segments about Home Staging on ABC’s 20-20, NBC’s The Today Show, The CBS Evening News, FOX News, CNN, and PBS, and is interviewed by major media outlets. Magazines, and newspapers weekly.  She has also been the featured speaker at 3 of the recent past National Association of REALTORS® Conventions to represent the Home Staging Industry she invented.

Barb Schwarz is a best selling author of her books; “Home Staging The Winning Way To Sell Your House For More Money”, “Building a Successful Home Staging Business”, “How to List and Sell Residential Real Estate Successfully” “Speaking of Success”, and her up coming book, “Staging to Sell”, published by Wiley and Sons.  Her DVDs “How To Stage Your Home To $ell For Top Dollar!” & “How To Price your Home To $ell For Top Dollar!” are also best sellers.  Barb is a leader, an innovator, and a truly gifted speaker who shares the wisdom of her years of experience with you.

There is NO choice: Stage Your Listings To Make You and Your Sellers More Money NOW!
There is NO choice: Stage Your Listings To Make You and Your Sellers More Money NOW!
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From the Field: How Top Agents Dominate Their Markets
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How to Effectively Market Yourself Globally
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