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UpSkill Agent™
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Product Overview

Success is important to REALTORS® but until now, REALTORS® have not easily known what personal and specific steps would help them fill-in the skill and knowledge gaps that are keeping them from success in the real estate industry! UpSkill Agent™ is the answer!

This powerful, multidevice compatible tool developed specifically for the real estate industry by Learning Library Inc., the industry leader in online real estate education, will assess your skills in 6 key real estate competencies by simply answering a series of online questions.

The core competencies include:

  • Getting listings
  • Knowledge about the factors impacting real estate sales
  • Knowledge about presenting properties
  • Marketing strategyInteracting effectively with clients
  • Personal competencies

UpSkill Agent™ automatically provides a personalized score and feedback by competency that pinpoints specific areas to develop to help you be more successful. The report also provides an individualized list of specific leading-edge courses and products that would directly fill those gaps or simply use the report as a guide and fill in a local solution.

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Product Expiration

You will have access to your course for 12 months from the date of purchase. After one year, the course will expire. No extensions will be given after the course expires; if you do not complete the course during the 12-month timeframe, you will need to repurchase it at full price and start again at the beginning.

Continuing Education Information

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