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A Consumer Advocate Approach to Real Estate: Course 1
Duration:  3.00 Hour(s)
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Provider:  Patricia Boyd
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Product Overview

Consumer Advocate Approach to Real Estate & Mortgages has been created for real estate and mortgage professionals that are ready to become part of the SOLUTION not part of the PROBLEM.

It is time for us to raise the image of the real estate industry to the public, and that starts with ourselves first. A Consumer Advocate Approach to Real Estate & Mortgages will help you go from “real estate agent” to “Real Estate Professional”. You will gain the knowledge and tools you need to provide valuable consulting to consumers so they can make educated decisions when buying, selling or refinancing real estate.

Prospecting, Marketing and Financing all combined into one dynamic Seminar!

*Course I of “A Consumer Advocate Approach to Real Estate Mortgages”

Introduction: Course purpose, exam overview of sessions to be covered.
Learning Objective:

Students will understand what to expect from the training, what is expected in terms
of attendance and participation and options for taking exam after all sessions completed.

  • Objectives, Self-Evaluation PreTest
Students will evaluate their current level of knowledge in topics that will be covered. After the course students will be able to measure how much they have learned from the seminar.

Chapter 1: Building Your POWER TEAM

  • Paradigms, TeamSpirit 5 Steps for Building Effective Teams
Learning Objective: Students will learn how paradigms affect customer service and after this session will be able to build a team that practices TeamSpirit to ensure their customers receive exceptional quality service.
Exercise: 5 minutes Complete Quiz 1

Chapter 2: How to Protect Consumers from Getting Ripped Off!

  • Impact Mortgages Have on Ability to Create Wealth
  • Behind Scenes with Power Team
  • Mortgage Fraud Predatory Lending
  • Yield Spread Premiums Quote Sheets
  • Tracking Your Sale RESPA
Learning Objective: After Course 102 students will know how to identify Predatory Lending Practices and how to protect consumers. They will also understand how pricing affects the borrower’s interest rate and how to track their closing from loan application to closing to ensure it closes on time.
Complete Quiz 2

Chapter 3: How to Help Consumers $ave Money

  • Premium Pricing
  • Temporary 2-1 Buydowns
  • Temporary 2-1 Buydown Worksheet Exercise
Learning Objective: Students will know how to use financing techniques that can help consumers keep more money in their pocket.
Complete Quiz 3

Chapter 4: The 5 C’s of Underwriting

  • Buyer’s Guide
  • 5 C’s of Underwriting
  • Credit Scoring Options for Consumers under 640
  • Capital
  • Collateral
  • Comfort Zone
Learning Objective: Students will be able to use a Buyer’s Guide in their initial Buyer Interview to help Buyers understand what to expect from the home buying process. They will also be able to explain what the lender will look for to approve the loan using the 5 C’s of Underwriting and the importance of a Pre-Approval Letter.
Complete Qualifying Practice

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