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4. The Psychology of Consultative Selling: Skills For Sales Success Part Four
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Product Overview

This course, The Psychology of Consultative Selling, is an integral part of the Skills For Sales Success series, produced by the Canadian Professional Sales Association. Successful completion of this series, which is available both on line and in a paper-based format, can lead to the designation as a Certified Sales Professional.

Consultative selling is the modern approach to sales, and is reflective of the customer-centered approach to the selling process that characterizes today’s successful salespeople.

This course will take the participant through the Principles of Compliance, those human traits that govern how we accept information and why we buy. Once these principles have been thoroughly discussed and are understood by the learner, the course concentrates on how to apply the principles in a sales meeting with a potential buyer.

The process that consultative salespeople use to prepare for and conduct a meeting includes the pre-meeting investigation, how to create the proper atmosphere to facilitate the consultative approach, and how to move through that process to work with the buyer to find a solution. Finally, the course focuses on how to bring the meeting to a successful conclusion, and why traditional approaches to handling objections and closing have been replaced by offering solutions and empowering the buyer to make his or her own decision, with the help and support of the seller.

CPSA would also like to acknowledge that the Skills For Sales Success online learning project is made possible, in part, through funding by Human Resources Development Canada.


  1. Introduction and Compliance Principles
  2. Authority and Reciprocity
  3. Rapport, Reason and Efficiency
  4. Consistency, Social Evidence and Scarcity
  5. Introduction to Consultative Selling
  6. Preparing for the First Visit
  7. Building Rapport
  8. Understanding Personality Types
  9. Introduce the Business
  10. Asking Questions
  11. Pre-planning Your Questions
  12. Success Criteria and Benefits
  13. Responding to Buying Decisions
  14. Summary


Instructor Overview: Barry LaValley

Barry LaValley, CSP, is President of LaValley Communications, a sales training, relationship management, and communications consulting firm based on the West Coast.

Mr. LaValley has over 20 years experience as a sales professional and conducts sales training in both Canada and the United States. Mr. LaValley is an active speaker, writer and educator in the areas of practice management and selling skills across Canada. He takes a unique approach to both topics and bases his education on understanding how the client perceives the sales process and how that affects how a sales practice is managed. In addition, he speaks and writes regularly on retirement lifestyle issues.

Mr. LaValley has been called “one of the best communicators in the Canadian Financial Services industry” by noted industry commentator Dan Richards, of Marketing Solutions. He has a solid reputation as a common sense, down to earth speaker on the topics he covers.


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